Not All VOIP Systems are Created Equal

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Not All VOIP Systems are Created Equal

A customer called us as they were unhappy with their current VOIP phone service solution. Employees were experiencing dropped calls, static, and sometimes no service at all. This client has extensive contact with their customers over the phone, so they needed the issue corrected now!

Unfortunately, the current VOIP service provider was less than helpful and kept attempting to pass the blame to the internet service provider. We came in and did extensive testing and eliminated all potential causes except the phone service itself.

Fortunately, the customer was in a position to make a change, so we were able to migrate them over to our Unified Communications VOIP service. Not only did our system provide over a dozen improved features over their current service, but we were also able to get brand new Yealink phones for them FREE OF CHARGE (51 phones) in addition to saving them $150 per month!

The cutover went flawlessly as we also migrated all their existing phone numbers over to the new service. No changes in their network setup were needed and they are now experiencing HD clear calls and no more issues! Find out how our VOIP service can help you here.

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