3 Ways that Managed IT Services Bring Value to your Business

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3 Ways that Managed IT Services Bring Value to your Business

Managed Services can streamline your operations with significant cost savings

The cloud, phishing attacks, cyber-security, managed services, equipment procurement, working from home, and the list goes on and on! Technology can be confusing, overwhelming, and costly to a business and yet it is a critical component that almost every business requires in some way shape or form to operate.

Yet despite technology being the essential infrastructure that businesses rely upon, it is often overlooked, pushed aside, or simply just not done right. The truth is most business owners do not have the time or expertise required to successfully manage their IT. Proper maintaining of a business’ technology requires more than just running a virus scan every so often or buying a new laptop. Over time the lack of professional management negatively impacts the business through higher costs, less productivity, lost business opportunities and employee frustration.

That is why having a technology partner is so essential for all businesses today. All of the expertise, labor, planning, and oversight required can be conveniently managed for you!

Managed IT Services is how we, as a Managed Services Provider, can help your business work smarter and more efficiently.

But what value do Managed IT Services bring to your business? We can answer that in 3 simple categories: proactive service, predictable spending, and professional expertise.


Over the last 5 years or so there has been a major shift in the IT industry from being reactive to being more proactive. Reactive IT waits for a problem to happen, waits for you to contact them and make them aware of the problem, and then attempts to correct it. This has no planning, no warning to potential issues, and can create major problems. While unexpected issues certainly can and do happen, this is not an efficient way to manage your technology and I guarantee you that it will cost you more over time.

Managed Services is all about being proactive. It includes monitoring and management of your IT systems with things like security updates, hardware updates, warning of potential failures, managing data backups and more. Proper maintenance reduces issues and calls to support allowing your staff to keep on working.

Think about it…do you wait for your car to run out of oil, the engine to seize, and THEN try to change the oil? Of course not! That causes a lot more headaches, problems, and COST as opposed to regularly getting an oil change. Why would you treat your core business systems any differently?


The biggest benefit to Managed IT Services (proactive IT) is that it costs less than reactive IT, especially when factoring in the cost of downtime that inevitably comes with the old method.

Our Managed services are priced on a flat-rate monthly basis. Depending on the services included, pricing is usually based on the number of devices or users with different packages based on the unique needs of the client. This makes it easy for a business to get the exact service they need, without paying for more than is necessary.

These services also seamlessly grow as the business grows allowing for smoother operations.

Additionally, the monthly cost of managed services can be factored in as a business/operating expense, allowing most companies to deduct the service from their taxes to save even more money.


Managed Services Providers, like us here at Network Design Consultants, have years of experience with a variety of businesses and organizations. We can keep your business relevant and on track with the continually evolving technology, support, and productivity demands.

Now back to cost for a moment. Consider the investment you would have to make to completely staff and equip an entire IT department with highly skilled and certified professionals. Now consider how you could better invest that money having saved it by signing on with us as your Managed IT Services provider.

Even if you have internal IT resources at times there are knowledge gaps which we can help fill. Managed Support Services are also a great way to offload a lot of the day-to-day work from your team so they can be more focused on other needs and projects.

If you are looking to get something more out of the way your business uses technology, or would just like to have a conversation with a no-cost evaluation of your IT systems please give us a call at 330-499-1599 or email sales@networkdesignconsultants.com

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