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3 Ways that Managed IT Services Bring Value to your Business

The cloud, phishing attacks, cyber-security, managed services, equipment procurement, working from home, and the list goes on and on! Technology can be confusing, overwhelming, and costly to a business and yet it is a critical component that almost every business requires in some way shape or form to operate. Yet despite technology being the essential…
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Tech Your Business Should Be using

As time passes and technology is developed, a lot of the processes that businesses rely on become more efficient and stand to deliver greater benefits to the organizations that use them. These benefits are accessible to businesses of all sizes, including small businesses. Let’s go over a few business needs, and how technology can assist…
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Keeping your Business “Portable”

While recently speaking with a potential client she made the following statement: “Even though we may not physically work in the same office, we need operate as if we do.” Ever since I started Network Design Consultants almost 12 years ago, my philosophy has been the same: use the best and most efficient technology and…
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Too Many Healthcare Organizations Still Use Windows 7

If there is any industry that connected devices are undeniably useful in, it would have to be the medical field. Unfortunately, recent news would suggest that connected devices should be avoided as the BlueKeep vulnerability is still able to attack medical systems… for an unfortunate reason. Find out more by reading on. BlueKeep Background Discovered…
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Guidelines & Tips for Employees Working Remotely

This is certainly an unprecedented time in our recent history! Most of us have never had to experience businesses and other infrastructure being closed by government mandate. Many businesses have been caught off guard by the recent Corona Virus (Covid-19) outbreak including even those that had disaster recovery plans. Those plans typically included working from…
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