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Understanding the Different Types of Cloud

Many businesses have taken the cloud into consideration as their next technology implementation… but there’s more to adopting a cloud solution than going to the cloud store and asking for one. First, you need to determine what kind of cloud solution is best suited to your needs. Doing so will require you to have some…
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Are You Sure Your Data is Backed Up?

When we discuss backup and disaster recovery (BDR), it may seem as though we’re talking about a single process – after all, there’s just one acronym for it. However, the reality is that – while these two processes are related to one another – backup and disaster recovery each require a different preparation process, with…
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Is Offering Remote Work a Benefit for Your Business?

Technology has become so commonplace in the office environment that work can be done from just about anywhere on any device. This has led to many organizations implementing a remote workforce–at least some of the time. There are actually several benefits to remote work, even for the employer, surprisingly enough. Here are some of the…
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Getting to Know Technology: Application Programming Interface

Software runs the world, or so they say, and it’s all thanks to the ability to integrate with one-another through the use of APIs. This tech term, which stands for application programming interface, and it’s crucial to understand what these do in today’s technology environment. An application’s API is often a web-based interface that returns…
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Microsoft Will No Longer Offer Support for Popular OS Platforms

The End of Support for a Windows operating system sends ripples across all industries, as it signals an end of an era. Is your organization one of the many that still cling to Windows 7? If so, you need to take measures now to prepare for its End of Support date. If you fail to…
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