Unfortunately, most companies worry about backup and recovery AFTER they lose vital data and documents, which makes recovery difficult and sometimes impossible. If you falsely believe, “I don’t need a recovery plan because it’s unlikely we will have a flood or fire,” you’re IGNORING far more common disasters, such as:

  • Employee error (#1 reason)
  • Hardware failure
  • Software issue
  • Cyber attack
  • Natural disaster
  • Employee or ex-employee sabotage
  • Electrical surge or power

Our backup and disaster recovery plan is customized to your unique environment and multi-tiered so your virtual eggs are not all in one basket so to speak. Whether you have a single server, multiple servers, a virtual environment, or a small office, let us create a plan to keep your business running because you NEVER lose critical data, documents and customer records.

If your data is important to your business and you cannot afford to have your operations halted for days – even weeks – due to data loss or corruption, then you need to read this free report “12 Little-Known Facts and Insider Secrets Every Business Owner Should Know About Backing Up Their Data and Choosing a Remote Backup Service”. This report will outline the most commonly made and costly mistakes that most small business owners make with their data backups.