Is This You?

  • You need a partner who understands and can help you with HIPAA Compliance, EMR systems, and workflow management.
  • Your current system is confusing, slow, and seems to HINDER your business more than it helps.
  • You know you need better reliability and security for your computer network and patient data.
  • You HOPE your backups are working but won’t know for sure until you absolutely need it.
  • You are a small practice but still need quality technology and responsive service that fits your budget.


For 12 years, Network Design Consultants has specialized in providing responsive IT support in a healthcare environment. We understand the importance of EMR systems, HIPAA compliance and how to best secure critical patient data. Why hire IT consultants who must first learn the nuances of the healthcare industry, when NDC can provide knowledgeable IT support for a fixed, affordable cost?

Contact us today for a customizable and healthcare-focused IT Services plan and say goodbye to IT headaches.

We have worked with Scott at NDC for the past 9 years and have always been pleased with his knowledge, skills and fast response!

Scott’s team responds quickly to everyday problems and is able to rectify computer and network issues fast. We recently passed a HIPAA compliance test audit with flying colors due to NDC's setup, regular support, and network monitoring. Their cloud services also keep our data backed up and securely stored.

Dr. Joanna Kleckner Owner
Joanna Kleckner DDS

Taking Care Of Us Is Clearly Their #1 Priority!

“We hired Network Design Consultants because we needed fast, reliable support and management of our computer systems - and they have provided exactly that. Their service gives me peace of mind unlike we’ve had with any IT firm in the past because their technicians are knowledgeable, fast to respond, and respectful to our staff. They explain what they are going to do and then follow through. They make invoicing simple as we are charged a flat, monthly fee no matter how many calls to their support we make!”


Melody Shanbaum Owner
Rx Specialties