Network Design Consultants takes the complexity out of HIPAA Compliance by assisting you with every step of the process and uniquely providing a COMPLETE solution including:

  • All HIPAA required Audits, Assessments and Remediation plans
  • Privacy and Security Policy & Procedures
  • A secure, web-based portal to track all of your documentation and plans
  • Employee training
  • Business Associate Audits and Management
  • IT Systems compliance (we will even work with your current IT vendor to assure compliance)

Compliance can be a very cumbersome process for firms that aren’t equipped to deal with the extensive reach of HIPAA regulation. Fortunately our solution is set to address the various issues you continuously face as a health care professional in a streamlined, efficient, and convenient way for you and your staff. Few IT Firms even understand the complexities of HIPAA compliance. NDC is confident in providing robust HIPAA compliance services.

After all, you certainly don't want the government conducting your first audit...let us do it for you!

Download our free checklist as a starting point on your path to HIPAA Compliance.