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Managed Print Services

Printing costs are a huge expenditure, many companies aren't aware of just how much they're spending. Printing is one
of the last unaudited areas of a company’s expense. Network Design Consultants’ Managed Printer Services (MPS)
program can help reduce expense by up to 30% while providing a better solution for printing.

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    All in one package “Cost Per Print” includes Toner! Parts! Labor!
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    Increase printer maintenance
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    Superior printer reliability
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    Lower printing cost
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    Automatic toner replenishment with automatic notification
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    Simplified printer cost
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    Detailed Labels to ensure proper toner routing
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    Simple service ticket process for repairs
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    Shore up weak points in Security
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Network Design Consultant’s Managed Print Services (MPS) is a scalable and flexible solutions for office and production
printing environments. We manage your hardware, provide supplies, solutions, and services. We work to clarify and
transform unmanaged data into usable information that will enable end users to better understand how to save on
resources all while gaining access to a better managed service.

As a result, you gain time by not managing or repairing printer devices, ordering toner, or tracking printer volume, giving
you the ability to invest more valuable time toward customer needs and profitability.

The average facility has up to 8 printers per 1 copier. While companies often focus on the copier cost, the printers
receive far less attention. Up to 3% of a company’s revenue is spent on print production. This mean that tones are
continually purchased from big box retailers or online. Toner supplies may pile up in storage closets and get forgotten.
Printer maintenance is often overlooked resulting in poor print quality. IT and upper management are left to trouble
shoot and repair units.

Get a free printer fleet analysis to start to better understand your current print infrastructure and build a path for cost
reduction and printer performance. Network Design Consultants focuses on simple one and two printer offices for toner
replenishment and printer maintenance up to total fleet management with fleet maps and printer cost reduction efforts.

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